8 Painting Tools We Can’t Live Without [Plus a Bonus Tool!]



5-in-1-tool – This tool is hailed by DIY and home painters alike as the must have on the job. The 5-in-1 is likely the most versatile tool in your kit as it can be used to widen cracks, remove putty and paint, and spread paint or caulk.

Handheld Paint Pail – The handheld paint pail is another favorite among professional painters and painting enthusiasts. Tired of walking to and from the paint every time your paintbrush goes dry? Handy_paint_pailIf you’re on a ladder, the process of climbing up and down to refresh can take up a lot of time! The handheld paint pail allows you to the convenience of the bucket without the inconvenient travel.

Painting Stick – Don’t have a ladder? No problem. The adjustable painting-stickextended painting stick lets you paint those hard to reach areas like the ceiling and high walls.

Paint Spout – This incredibly simple gadget performs the incredibly spoutnecessary job of keeping your paint from spilling and making a mess when you’re pouring it.

Angled Paint Brush – The angled paint brush is used for prangled-brushecise work like cutting in corners and edges, painting narrow spaces as well as edges a trim. It                                          lets you get in where other brushes can’t!

wire-brushWire Cleaning Brush – The classic wire brush is an absolute necessity for cleaning dried or drying paint off your brushes and tools.

Putty Knife – A useful tool for scraping and removing putty-knife
imperfections from walls to applying putty                                                       and filler to cracks and divots.

Masking Tape
– Need a crisp clean edge? Look no further than the tried and true roll of painter’s masking tape.

Bonus – Your Phone – Don’t want to deal with the hassle and time spent painting on your own? Call FCI Painting at (239) 435-1001 or use our online contact form.smartphone-fci

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