Painting your concrete floor

When you are thinking about redecorating or doing a house painting job, one of the things on your to-do list might be to paint the concrete floor in your patio or even the garage or driveway. The question is, if it really is necessary to do it?

It seems like painting concrete is not really the thing most people do, but here are some reasons why you should;

First of all, painting a concrete floor makes it spill proof. As you’ve probably already noticed, one of the characteristics of concrete floors is that they absorb liquids that are spilled on it. Sometimes this leaves a stain behind that is very hard or sometimes even impossible to remove.

Concrete Lanai Before

Concrete Lanai Before

Painted concrete on the other hand is more resistant to spills and make them easier to clean, without leaving any stains. Keep in mind that painting a concrete floor is far more work than just painting a wall, and you might want to consider using the services of a painting company like FCI Painting.

Another reason is that painted concrete floors make it harder for dust to build up and make it easier to clean by just sweeping the floor. In addition to this, if you choose the right color concrete floor paint combined with the right types of lights, you can enhance the lighting of your patio or lanaï and give it a much prettier look.

Concrete Lanai After

Concrete Lanai After

One more reason we would like to share with you is that painting a concrete floor also provides additional insulation against heat and cold. This reduces the risk of getting cracks in the floor due to temperature changes.

As you see, there are some benefits that make painting the concrete floor a good decision. While using tiles may often be the first thing that comes into your mind, painting is a less expensive alternative, with the same aesthetic improvement.

It’s not an easy job though, if you decide to call a professional and you are located in Naples, Florida, make sure you contact FCI Painting in Naples.

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