Is it time to paint your interior doors? Are they dirty banged up or yellowed?

First you will need to evaluate the entire project and determine how many doors you will want to paint. If you have fewer than 5 doors you can consider simply brushing and rolling them out. If your project includes more than 5 doors you should consider spraying them using a paint sprayer. Paint the doors using a brush and roller Step 1: Prepare the door surface. We will typically remove the door and remove all hardware even if we are only using a brush and roller. However you can also tape up the hardware and lay a drop cloth under the door to avoid unwanted drips and spills. Step 2: Clean the surface carefully. Any unseen grease or grime can tarnish your hard work. For most of our projects we use an ordinary household cleaner and that does the trick, if the job calls for more than that we pick up TSP from the hardware store. Follow this up with a light sanding to smooth out any blemishes. Step 3: Now you are ready to get painting. You may need to use a primer if the doors have a dark

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